Join Defence Humanists copyPlease click here to join Defence Humanists via Humanists UK website. During the joining process you’ll be invited to join this section of Humanists UK.

Members of Defence Humanists can attend and vote at the AGM, will receive communications on campaigns and events of interest to non-religious people within the MOD, and receive all the benefits of being a Humanists UK member, including voting rights at the Humanists UK AGM, a welcome pack and membership card, a regular newsletter, discounts at Humanists UK events, and access to the members section of the Humanists UK website – all for £3 a month.

Membership of the Defence Humanists is administered by Humanists UK. Please direct any membership enquiries directly to them.

If you are in Scotland click here to join the Humanist Society Scotland.

Update your JPA to say Humanist. Detailed instructions on how to do there can be found here.

Become a friend of Defence Humanists
Friends of Defence Humanists are people who want to support our organisation and stay informed about our work but are not full members. Register to be a friend of Defence Humanists here.