Defence Humanists Conference and AGM

Great news! We will be holding our annual conference and AGM on 3-4 May 2018 at Amport House, Andover.

We have planned a great schedule of talks and discussions, including representatives from LGBT Humanists, Faith to Faithless, Service D&I Desks and the MOD Networks lead.

We are very happy to have Humanists UK Chief Exec Andrew Copson on board, and we will cover topics ranging from feminism to the experience of leaving a high control religion, alongside ethical thinking workshops. We will also of course discuss our ongoing work on Remembrance, pastoral support, and how we can develop our network.

Humanists UK will be sending out an email to all DH members with instructions of how to register. For those within MOD all the administrative details can be found in DIN 2018DIN01-044.

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